7- Dr. John Sorrentino - Follow The Science

The Paleo Dentist and I discuss nutrition, teeth and the end of dentistry.

Music: The Last Summer Sun by Vagrant Revival 

20 Years practicing General Dentistry in Hopewell Junction, NY 3:00


Nutrition, Health, Teeth- tying it together 4:00

No Silver Fillings 5:00

Carbohydrate based set of diseases 5:00

Silver 6:00

Gold ‘Artificial Enamel’ 8:00

Carb Reduction 9:00

-eliminate tooth decay

-carbs are not an obligate nutrient for people

How To Eliminate Tooth Decay 12:00

Dr. Peter Ungar 14:00

Paleolithic Skulls

Anthroplogists know the history of dental health

Dentistry treats 3 things 17:00

Tooth Decay


Crooked Teeth

Weston A. Price 18:00

Root Canals 21:00

Parotid Gland/Carbs


The Inflammatory Model of Tooth Decay, or Why Weston Price is Correct 24:00

Optimism (Dr. Sorrentino) / Pessimism (Bryan)

Learning, Continuing education 

Tooth Care for a modern paleo eater 26:00



-Tooth health / Fermented foods hazardous? (not a problem at all)

-Pit & Fissure Decay 

-Smooth Surface Cavities

-SAD (Standard American Diet)

Robert Lustig 41:00

Sugar The Bitter Truth

Fats > Carbs 43:00

Listener Question 45:00

Sensitive teeth

Silver replacements 49:00

BPA, Fluoride 

Eat Paleo 50:00

The three legged stool- remove sugar/carbs & remove tooth decay

Listener Question 53:00

‘The Teeth in Disease’ 

Putting Dentistry out of business 59:00

Oil Pulling 1:02:00

World Trade Center & Flight 587 forensics work 1:05:00

Music: The Last Summer SunVagrant Revival

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