6- Jack Spirko - Survival Podcast

Jack Spirko- Chief Bottle Washer at The Survival Podcast and I discuss:

Bottle washing and saving America 6:15

Collapse (or not) 7:20

Food and Food Producion 10:10

Paleo 11:25

75 lb. weight loss

1st Tenet- Improving Your Life 11:55

Fat Cat 

Fat Cat no more

Art DeVaney- The New Evolution Diet 14:30

Rules are for Idiots 16:00

3,000 Gardens

809 Episodes 30,000 listeners

Occupy Wall Street 20:50

Action Steps 26:30

Plant a garden

5 Primary Needs

Powder Keg 32:15

Cleveland, Youngstown

Maurice Small

Urban Farming

Food as Technology

Top soil- Americ’as #1 export

Living soil

Bryan gets booted from a community garden 38:50

Vermicompost Garden 40:10

Agri-Tourism at Maurice’s

Guns 41:50

Bill Mollison 45:45

Geoff Lawton


Education as a Permaculture

The Greatest Generation and The Worst 52:12

Gen X, Y and the Internet Natives


Revolving doors and being Evil 54:45

The World According To Monsanto 58:45

Focus on the Individual 

Corn and Soy

Healthcare as a Permaculture

Outlaw health insurance, a proposal by Jack 1:01:30

Don’t eat crap and garbage 

Permaculture Education course - DVD’s 1:05:15

Bryan’s CSA 

Meat as Sustainable Agriculture

Pink Slime and Meat Glue

Don’t eat out of a box 1:12:00

Paleo vs. generic Low Carb 1:14:30

Vices / Choices / Rewards

Have A Cigar

Take Time Off

Five Minutes With Jack the Podcast and Forum 1:22:44

Goobyes , Eat Fat and 

The End (for now) 1:32:35

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