5- Dr. Jack Kruse - A Thought Can Change Your DNA

Ever heard of Leptin? You’re about to. Your good fortune is greater than you realize, healing wisdom is coming your way. Get in and share the ride as I discover more about Living An Optimized Life with a true Experimenter, Guru and newfound Geek.

In the words of today’s guest Guru:

My name is Jack Kruse and I am a neurosurgeon. I would like to share with you some ideas I have…

My goal is to start the dialogue of how to evolve healthcare using patients as foot soldiers. I am hell bent on changing the process of how medicine is practiced and healthcare delivered in this country.

Dr. Jack Kruse

Intro music: Super String Theory (song, by Einstein’s Secret Orchestra)

Intro, description 1:00 

Chasing Change & Finding Your Primal Sense 

Music: The Last Summer Sun by Vagrant Revival

Interview with Dr. Jack Kruse 4:00

About 5:00

Testing The Hypothesis 11:30

Lost 77 lbs. in 3 months, 135 lbs. in 11 months

Sleep Apnea 15:00

Leptin Prescription 16:50

Hormones and testing 26:50

Plateaus in weight-loss

Leptin is the master hormone

Light Cycle, Circadian Rhythms, Cortisol

Paleo, Primal

Community & Comments

Anecdotal Evidence 33:20

Cholesterol, Fat, Statins and some faults with evidence based medicine

Social Networking 38:20

Performing brain surgery without a scalpel

A thought can change your DNA

Diet Tinkering 40:15

Dr. Kruse’s medical practice 45:00

Fat replacement in bone marrow

Vitamin D


Wolf’s Law

Neolithic Diseases- Arthritis, MS (being reversible)

Kitavins and ancient cultures

Paleo FX & Ancestral Health Symposium


Leaky Gut

Nootropics / Cognitive Enhancers 57:30

Optimal Coffee / Coconut Oil, Coffee, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Turmeric

Bullet Proof coffee

MCT Oil- STP for the brain

Caseine, the gluten correlate to grain

Sleep 1:01:27

IL6, DHEA Blood test / Salivary Assay 

Results 1:05:50

The ‘Teeth’ In DIsease 1:07:00

John Sorrentino

Root Canals- ‘Don’t get one’

Obesity may start in the oral cavity

The Quilt 1:18:40

Experimentor, Guru, Geek 1:19:50

Song- The Last Summer Sun by Vagrant Revival

The End

To continue the discovery go to: www.jackkruse.com