Out of doors

The kettlebell salutations continue. And Now: Outdoors! 



see what we have next:

  • Kettlebells in daylight
  • Septic tank
  • Cemetery



that's a short and rather complete narrative. 


(Also a raven soon landed on the fence. It might mean something, but I don't know about such things.) 

Power to you!

Things change. I made some changes. and decided I shall post some pics here from my life, I'm using an app from my phone, I have no idea how this will all look. Or how much of the story I can/will share. 

I had grown my hair for a few years: 




I recently went to the barber to shed the chaos:



I read this book, and listened to the audio version, Pavel is comedic genious, and now I talk like him to make my kids laugh:



I've been doing what Pavel says to do in the book, not all of it, it's intense. I am not intense. Not when it comes to things in that domain. And yet, I do my part, I have made progress in the 2 weeks since beginning this program. 

I take pics of kettlebell, and me saluting, and post them on the social media air waves: 



Power To You!

  - Bryan

More Music

An ideally timed, excellently orchestrated album. Darktopic reality assessment. Riotous beats sublimating despair.

Seed Share

Doc Fermento (that's me, Bryan) was invited to attend the Annual Winter Seed Swap on Saturday, Jan. 28th 2017 at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Cleveland. I was there to make myself available for fermentation questions from the seed swap attendees.

St. John's Church was maxed to overflow capacity throughout the entire event. As things were winding down I managed to take a quick snapshot just as people were starting to make their way out the door


A great many wonderful inquisitive people stopped by my table to talk fermentation. Much discussion ranging from what?, why? and then to: exactly how does the process work?

I was pleasantly tucked into the back corner of the church, which for me is about the perfect level of exposure. Most everyone wanted to know about kombucha, or to get a kombucha starter culture (scoby/mother), which as it happened- many people brought in to share. We had soon amassed a table full of donated starter cultures: milk kefir, water kefir, sourdough starter, kombucha scoby/mother, it was amazing. Folks were rather shocked that they could receive a starter culture for the cost of zero dollars. I love it when people are stunned silent by the old culture of mutual aid.

The Seed Swap event was presented by the Cleveland Seed Bank

Working to inspire, educate, and grow a community network of seed savers.

The important piece here, that I am not overlooking is the work being done by Cleveland Seed Bank, The Hummingbird Project, and others like: Seed Savers Echange, & Seed Freedom

I highly encourage everyone to go and discover more for yourself!

Thank You to the Cleveland Seed Bank for inviting me - Doc Fermento

Driving For Dollars (or stars?)

I occasionally drive for Uber and Lyft.

It sucks, it really dreadfully sucks.

Here's a weekly report I received from Lyft, which says I suck, and that I am but a few decimal points above de-activation.

Do you see anything wrong with this?

I do, so much wrong with this that I had quit driving at the end of last year because this rider rating system made me mental.

Riders are the worst bosses ever- But the best managers Uber and Lyft could have ever conjured up. These riders have no skin in the game.  They click a button and move on about their day. It's rather disgusting. I hear of other driver's begging for 5 stars, also offering free snacks and other monetary rewards to their passengers in exchange for 5 star rating. And even if a driver does manage to collect some 5 stars, the downside harm of any other rating washes the 5 stars away.

1: I was scored perfect for the week.

2: My rating for the week is 4.77 of 5. I am below average.

3: When a rider rates you they get to tap a number of stars to rate the driver: 1 through 5. If a rider rates a driver a 4, they are seriously damaging them. I doubt very much that riders think they are voting to have the driver fired when rating 4 of 5 stars. But note that 4 is off the scale, way far off the scale pulling the driver down towards deactivation (fired). I hate this concierge bullshit culture. And blogging. * clicks Save and Publish.

The Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand

I'm working my way through all the videos from the AHSNZ International Symposium 2015: “LOOKING BACK, MOVING FORWARD”

"One of the core aims of AHSNZ is to promote research and disseminate knowledge relevant to the health, environmental, and economic benefits of an ancestral lifestyle.  Believing that the discussion, debating, and sharing of such knowledge is best done in real time, and in person, AHSNZ’s aim is to hold regular one-day conferences, and this biannual international symposium, to allow broader interdisciplinary collaboration between scientists, healthcare professionals, and laypersons who study and communicate about the human ecological niche and modern health from an evolutionary perspective."


you can see the videos all on youtube here: The Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand

Cafe Avalaun

a splendid, welcomed concept it is indeed
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The Bartleby Project

"If you read this to the end, you'll discover that I'm inviting you to join a real conspiracy, call it an open conspiracy, with real consequences on millions of real lives. I know that sounds megalomaniacal, but be patient. If we pull this off, a great many will bless us, although the school industry few will curse us. This is about a project to destroy the standardized testing industry, one in which you, personally, will be an independent unit commander. This adventure is called "The Bartleby Project, for reasons you'll learn in just a little while. And keep in mind as you read, this has nothing to do with test reform. It's about test destruction."

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Childhood Behavior and Sleep

Let's revisit a passioned focus of mine-

Childhood behavioral problems as they relate to disordered sleep! Crazy! Right?

Seems, it's not so crazy. Look at the case of Connor Deegan:


Here is Dr. Steve Park's podcast feating Connor's mom: 

Podcast #002: Interview With Valerie Deegan, From The Video, “Finding Connor Deegan”

Connor was diagnosed with ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder), pretty scary for a parent, the label alone can derail efforts to non-medically bring a child back to a world of homeostatic peace. The standard medical intervention is pretty foul business. 

I thank Dr. Kevin Boyd for providing me the link. If you'd like to read/hear more about Dr. Boyd and get an even bigger picture of this issue, go here: 

64- Dr. Kevin Boyd DDS - Kids Jawchitecture