Sustainable Dish - Episode 1

Sweet new video series! 


In this half hour episode, you'll learn about garlic scapes, how to harvest herbs, all about pasture-raised chickens and why their eggs are so healthy, how to weed and harvest peas, and how to trellis and sucker tomatoes. Plus, you'll have fun with the kids and the rickshaw.

Thanks @SustainableDish for making this cool video.  

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Bucks For Bauman!

"Bauman was “severely affected” by the blast after an explosive devise detonated right next to where he stood watching the marathon. Despite his serious condition, Bauman managed to describe the suspect, who later turned out to be of the Tsarnaev brothers, immediately upon gaining consciousness in intensive care."

Evolutionary Heart

Seems I stand alone in questioning The Cleveland Clinic and their nutrition recommendations. In this case we're looking at heart health.

'The Clinic' (as it is known wherever they are found) had a Twitter chat session hashtag #CCHeart, where they provided everyone with an opportunity to ask questions of their highly regarded heart specialists.

I'm posting the question I asked, and the reply from Dr. Nissen.

Understand this, Dr. Nissen is no run of the mill general practitioner, he is the Cardiovascular Medicine Department Chair at The Cleveland Clinic. He co-authored the book Heart 411 (which I have previosuly tweeted and blogged).

Here's our brief interaction in 2 tweets:

Dr. Nissen dismisses my question by referring to Neanderthals, which are some 30,000 years extinct, and a wholly different species than humans.

Is there no hope in utilizing evolutionary biology in understanding what best honors an optimal human diet?

I am surmising Dr. Nissen does not believe in evolution. If he did, he would surely believe that the biology of humans has been exposed to, affected by, and is a result of the evolutionary process. 

I for one believe there are foods better optimized for human health, and they should be consumed in proportions drastically different than those proposed by The Cleveland Clinic.

I have so much more to say here, but I am such a poor writer and have little passion or enthusiasm for this type of writing especially so.

If you have an opinion, or facts of relevance please share! Comments are open to any and all. 

(Inner) Space Exploration

Addiction is the broken part of me that sticks, best. It aids all my fears, hostilities, and discomforting nervous tensions. What a perfect compliment to my fractured mind!

Love it!

I love drinking and smoking cigarettes. I've been up and down and covered the entire road map with these 2 demons. These assholes are the shittiest life companion road mates I could have possibly picked up. And yet, fact remains, there they are, being fuck heads in the back seat of this shit mobile every fucking where I go. The simplest of life's pleasures escape me because these 2 dickheads finger paint with shit all over my peace.

You know, I can't even enjoy the company of a dear friend. Had company come to town to stay the weekend awhile back and I could not deal with the continuous company, had to escape at night, go outside, build a fire, listen to my ear budded iDongle and chain smoke. Couldn't simply enjoy the company of a dear friend I sorely miss in my life. No, hide away in boozy headed smoked lung fear, far removed from anything resembling comforting kindness. So, to these 2 back seat assholes I say: Fuck you. Get out now.

You know what? No, hold on a second... Let me speed up a bit, I'm gonna get this wagon going flat out full speed and shove these assholes out the door. If not, I fear our misguided night drives will slam us into a tree soon. What's sadder is that I know how it works for me. I don't even get the easy out tree collision fly through window decapitation & impalement high contrast bright loud violent death scene. I get: car limps around broken guard rail, nestles into the river banks thicket, stuck and silent, with a slow bleed, full consciousness, paralysis and a wasting starvation.

So. let me kick these 2 shit heads out the door now while I'm hauling ass on the road. Even if my life's top sped is 18MPH. 

Lost my train of thought, I don't save drafts or work on writing, so, publish it is. Wonder how long this current mindset of demon freedom will last, my best guess, about 10 hours. 

Back In Action, Nearly

My show is back in the iTunes store, but with a new address.


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    Currently contemplating new episodes but nothing in the works just yet. We've had some setbacks at the homestead, just about to reboot on the home front.

    So, I'm not in actuality 'back in action', but nearly so.


    Hey folks, if you're looking for the new RSS feed for my show (Doc Fermento Discovers The World) it's here:

    Question is- What to do with an RSS feed? Depends really. If you're on an iPhone try clicking the link and see what happens, on my phone the Podcasts app opens up and asks me if I want to subscribe to the show, heck yes I do.

    What happens on your iPhone?

    If you use some other podcatcher, throw the link in there and see what happens. It's still a bit wonky and not working quite the way I'd like it too. Hang in there with me.

    If you're actually using a computer, I wonder how you might use the link? I have some ideas, let me know what works for your RSS feeds.

    Here's one suggestion if you are on a computer and using iTunes:

    Copy this link: > Open iTunes > Click 'Advanced' in the menu bar > Click 'Subscribe to podcast' > Paste in the link you copied.  Let me know how this works for you.



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    Still Alive

    My show is still available on cached servers/podcatchers like Stitcher.

    Stitcher is currently offering a promo/chance to win a $100 Cash Card. Not bad.

    Sign up for Stitcher and my show get's $1. Yes $1. Not only that, but the instructions are a bit odd, you have to tell Stitcher where you heard about the app, while installing/registering the app, and it has to be the correct code. I dunno, but my show is there! And that's nice. And this (I believe) is the code:  DocFermento

    Here's the web link:

    The process is so Non-Intuitive they've created instructions! A damn iPhone doesn't even come with instructions, you just turn it on and go, well, look, anyway,  here are the instructions:

    Steps To Install Stitcher

    Let me know what you discover after clicking around with this nonsense.