A rambling, far flung conversation with Chef/Owner of Luckys Cafe.

Chef Heather let's me in on the local food movement and so much more- in other words- 2 hours of wild wonderful life below the stars. 

Show opens with me being rude to my guest (and my new found Jewish mother) Heather.

Where we're all from, where we've been (too much info about me)

Heather's travels, more about my travels/travails

Nuclear Power and unwarranted fears

Cold Forge Blacksmithing!


Far too many peppers turns into: Hot Sauce!

Farm Market

Heather's New York history and memories

Bread Alone

Letting go and learning the way of the wild yeasts

Wild Fermentation 

Jim Lahey's Sullivan Street Bakery

Paleo Diet

Pursuing health, mistakes, improvements



MCT Oil - Coconut Oil

Mary T. Newport M.D. on Dave Asprey's Bulletproof podcast

Healing the Gut- Elimination of grains

Heather tells of past pain (sounds like it became a possible dysmorphic disorder)

Cooking from love

The art of making a Reuben

Weight loss via food

Beef and Vegetables- Bryan's prescription for health


Grain free children


Not eating out of boxes

Corn chips

Corporate food sucks

Fermenting salsa and guacamole

Fermenting everything

Sauerkraut and Kimchi

Lucky's boutique garden

A new garden restaurant concept

Coming back home and restarting

From scratch

Cleveland's food revolution?

Working with business partners

Respect the tomato

The problem of Sysco

Clevelanders - Loyal

Food bloggers

Food Currency- Dunbar Dollar

Sustainable Cleveland 2019

A barter based cooperative restaurant system

Chef's roundtable


Down The Hill Produce

Milan Kundera

Friendless Bryan

I have no idea what happened next, I should go back and listen

And then after 2 hours...

The End!