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Fatbikerafting the Arctic

7 Thousand miles. 7 Rivers. Zero fuel. -- I'm heading to the Arctic Ocean... with a fatbike, a packraft, & some ultralight camera gear.

Andrew's About Page:

Andrew {that kilted, sailing darwinist guy}

"My name is Michael Westen. I used to be a spy. Andrew Badenoch. I typed this all by myself. Here’s some insight into my potentially relevant biases…

Credentials: None. All I’m working with is a pocket full of library cards, an internet connection, a meager 130ish IQ, and Openness in the top decile. Will Hunting said that all it takes to get a Harvard level education is $1.50 in library fines. If that was the case, I’d earn about 6 degrees per month. Since that is not the case, you may consider me nothing more than a humble journalist."

Additional notes:

Erin and Hig: http://www.groundtruthtrekking.org/

Andrew Skurka: http://andrewskurka.com/

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