12- Dave Asprey - Ammo For Life

The Bulletproof Exec and I take on the world of personal health.

Oh yeah- Coffee too!

Bulletproof?- It's not about wrapping your world in Kevlar- It's about hacking yourself for exceptional performance.

Intro Music- The Last Summer Sun - Vagrant Revival 

  • The Bulletproof Diet
  • Linus Pauling
  • Bio-hacking = Systems Thinking
  • Asperger's
  • Better Baby Book
  • Feeding your brain
  • Anti-Aging 
  • Bulletproof diet resembles Paleo- less the toxins
  • 2 year experiment- High Calorie - Zero Exercise
  • Calories are not equal
  • mTOR
  • Skin health
  • Inflammation
  • Dave's brain scan
  • Tonsillectomy
  • 71 business trips last year
  • Liposomal Glutathione
  • HeartMath emWave2
  • HRV- Heart Rate Variability - Inter-beat variability
  • The body is a system
  • Gut-Brain Axis
  • Chronic GI problems. 40k spent on pro-biotics
  • Swallowing a Russian TENS unit to heal the gut!???
  • Whipworms - Parasitic Worms to treat disease
  • Probiotics alter gene expression 
  • Silicon Valley Health Institute
  • Mycotoxins
  • Surviving Mold
  • Zearalenone - Zeranol Gets cattle fat- Gets you fat!
  • Eating meat kills less animals.
  • Modern agriculture destroys the earth
  • Wild mutant fungi - Mycotoxins in food
  • DuPont's - Benomyl mutated fungi beyond belief - We have the X-Men of fungus now
  • Super Molds and out of control fungi, bad ass and getting badder
  • Aspergillus - fermentation gone awry
  • Soy sauce - don't eat it.
  • Food mold 
  • Fungus that eats meat also eats you!
  • Lacto-fermentation
  • Kombucha
  • Coffee
  • It's what's on the coffee that matters
  • How to find coffee in your city
  • Bulletproof Coffee
  • Bulletproof intermittent fasting
  • MCT Oil and Alzheimers- Mary Newport interview
  • mTOR kick (for muscle building) with Bulletproof intermittent fasting
  • Aeropress vs. the Hario V60
  • The takeaway
  • What grows on food has a direct line to health and 
  • Mother Nature is a bit pissed at us right now.
  • More to come...

Music courtesy of - Vagrant Revival