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The Fourfold Path to Healing - Long Beach, CA,  Feb 8-Feb 10, 2013
Working with the Laws of Nutrition, Therapeutics, Movement and Meditation in the Art of Medicine
An incredible weekend of dynamic discussions, presentations and lectures with Tom Cowan, MD, Sally Fallon and Jaimen McMillan, authors of The Fourfold Path to Healing
Held on the Queen Mary
Fees include Friday evening reception and nourishing traditional lunches on Saturday and Sunday
Sponsors, Exhibitors & Food Donations Welcome
Conference Coordination & Public Relations
Paul Frank (304) 724-3006 or pfrank@ptfassociates.com
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Things as I heard them:

Peace Corps.



Weston A. Price

Rudolf Steiner


Anthropophosical Medicine

Biodynamic Farming

The Gospel of St. John

Four Fold Path to Healing

Search for Truth

Conventional = Bullshit

Hallmarks of Science are flawed, inconsistent 

Western Bias

Observer Bias

Duality Wave/Particle

Particle Medicine

Western medicine is basically nonsense

Anvil Theory of Medicine

Duane Graveline

Lipitor Thief of Memory

Cholesterol, glue of the brain

Listen and find a persons anvil




Unravel the anvil's repurcussions


Healing Method

Theories of disease are wrong: Cholesterol and Heart Disease, HIV and AIDS,

Western medical myths (untruths): Oncogenes and Cancer, Arterial Lesions and Heart Attacks, Infections cause sickness

Every single theory of what causes disease is wrong

Consciousness of soul

Patients ask- What lead to my sickness?

What can we do?

Why did I get sick? Western/conventional medicine says- Stress - Genetics - or Bad Luck

Peoples needs are not being fundamentally met

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