The lead up front (see title).

My son and I were in the backyard and we heard a ruckus up in the trees, and then tumbling, and branch noise, and then- Thud.  

My son asked: What was that? 

Me: Something dead. Maybe a branch.

We walked towards that recent sound memory, & we found a squirrel lying on the ground, twitching. I said to leave it be, and we'll check back, maybe he just got his bell rung falling from up high and will bounce back and go his squirrelled way.

We checked back- He had eyes lit, lying there with occasional twitch, but soon then- it was the flies, the flies drew in, they were upon squirrel's eyes, the blood trickling out of the non-blinking eyes. And so, I went and got my ax, and lopped off the squirrels head there upon the lawn. and that ended that. or so I thought

For my *wife had just then walked out the back door to see me swinging an ax to behead a poor helpless squirell.  

and that's pretty much the story of me  

 *I've never been married, I called my gal my wife, she called me 'My Bryan' (I think that was her phrasing). 

(I wrote this sitting alone in a Roadhouse bar, within a dull moment.)