Recent Audio Explorations


- Honey Honey 



- The Jesus And Mary Chain: The Power of Negative Thinking

  • Alternative rockers before alternative rock- original dour, pre-goth, anti-hipsters
  • A non recommend w/ a 3 star rating, if you love JAMC, different story.



- The Modern Lovers

  • Some call it ProtoPunk. Perhaps. I do know this, it's quite good.
  • Recommend with reservations 3 Stars 



- Danger Mouse- Rome featuring Jack White & Norah Jones

  • Smooth Passionate Italian Western non-movie movie music. The movie's in your head kinda music.
  • Recommend with reservations 3 stars



- Helmet - Unsung: The Best Of Helmet (1991-1997)

  • This is was my rocknroll for a bit, after Sabbath, and before Nirvana
  • Recommend 3 stars




- Poetry Speaks - Poets read their own work from Tennyson to Plath



 - You Are Not Your Brain:

The 4-Step Solution for changing Bad Habits, Ending Unhealthy Thinking,

and Taking Control of Your Life

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  • Have not completed this book, no rating/recommendation yet