Seed Share

Doc Fermento (that's me, Bryan) was invited to attend the Annual Winter Seed Swap on Saturday, Jan. 28th 2017 at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Cleveland. I was there to make myself available for fermentation questions from the seed swap attendees.

St. John's Church was maxed to overflow capacity throughout the entire event. As things were winding down I managed to take a quick snapshot just as people were starting to make their way out the door


A great many wonderful inquisitive people stopped by my table to talk fermentation. Much discussion ranging from what?, why? and then to: exactly how does the process work?

I was pleasantly tucked into the back corner of the church, which for me is about the perfect level of exposure. Most everyone wanted to know about kombucha, or to get a kombucha starter culture (scoby/mother), which as it happened- many people brought in to share. We had soon amassed a table full of donated starter cultures: milk kefir, water kefir, sourdough starter, kombucha scoby/mother, it was amazing. Folks were rather shocked that they could receive a starter culture for the cost of zero dollars. I love it when people are stunned silent by the old culture of mutual aid.

The Seed Swap event was presented by the Cleveland Seed Bank

Working to inspire, educate, and grow a community network of seed savers.

The important piece here, that I am not overlooking is the work being done by Cleveland Seed Bank, The Hummingbird Project, and others like: Seed Savers Echange, & Seed Freedom

I highly encourage everyone to go and discover more for yourself!

Thank You to the Cleveland Seed Bank for inviting me - Doc Fermento