Driving For Dollars (or stars?)

I occasionally drive for Uber and Lyft.

It sucks, it really dreadfully sucks.

Here's a weekly report I received from Lyft, which says I suck, and that I am but a few decimal points above de-activation.

Do you see anything wrong with this?

I do, so much wrong with this that I had quit driving at the end of last year because this rider rating system made me mental.

Riders are the worst bosses ever- But the best managers Uber and Lyft could have ever conjured up. These riders have no skin in the game.  They click a button and move on about their day. It's rather disgusting. I hear of other driver's begging for 5 stars, also offering free snacks and other monetary rewards to their passengers in exchange for 5 star rating. And even if a driver does manage to collect some 5 stars, the downside harm of any other rating washes the 5 stars away.

1: I was scored perfect for the week.

2: My rating for the week is 4.77 of 5. I am below average.

3: When a rider rates you they get to tap a number of stars to rate the driver: 1 through 5. If a rider rates a driver a 4, they are seriously damaging them. I doubt very much that riders think they are voting to have the driver fired when rating 4 of 5 stars. But note that 4 is off the scale, way far off the scale pulling the driver down towards deactivation (fired). I hate this concierge bullshit culture. And blogging. * clicks Save and Publish.