What Can I Say

Looking at guidelines regarding nutrition at the Ohio Board of Dietetics.

I've been wondering what I can legally tell folks with regards to nutrition and lifestyle. I should think I can say anything I please because I have no fee for service, I offer no service at all. Just conversation with friends, family and new found friends. I occassionally offer workshops on food fermentation and like to add in some 'Paleo Lifestyle' comments along the way. I think this is acceptable. 

Here in Ohio you may offer general non-medical nutrition information. 

“General non-medical nutrition information” means information on the following:


1. Principles of good nutrition and food preparation; 
2. Food to be included in the normal daily diet; 
3.  The essential nutrients needed by the body; 
4. Recommended amounts of the essential nutrients; 
5. The action of nutrients on the body;  
6. The effects of deficiencies or excesses of nutrients; or 
7. Food and supplements that are good sources of essential nutrients.  


You may not use these titles: “Dietitian”, “Nutritionist”, “Nutrition Counselor”


I find this acceptable. I've no interest in pursuing a career as a dietician, and it looks like I need not worry about doing so. I'll quote myself via Twitter: "As long as you have no interest in a person's specific dietary needs you are safe to wax dietetic poetic it seems but Do Not Attempt To Help". I've never quoted myself before, this is fun.