How I Listen

Because my brain is a little bent, I need near constant music input (drowns out the voices inside) and so- I use open back headphones. They allow me to listen to music at home and not isolate myself from the kids (OK, just a bit, they are headphones after all). Point is you can hear what's going on in the environment around you. Quite the opposite of isolator or noise canceling headphones- each with it's unique purpose.

For me the open back design works wonderfully well, And they sound Freaking Amazing (sorry for the overly technical description). My pair are a discontinued older set, but you can still buy them new, check out this source: 

AKG K601 Reference Class Headphones from (link removed, sorry, looks like they're all gone!)


The new model AKG K702 has a few nifty upgrades and I'm sure equal (or perhaps superior) sound. 

Other notes:


  • The around the ear design (meaning they don't touch your ear) is the most critical feature for me. I cannot have on-ear headphones, causes me incredible pain.
  • The total open design means they may not be the best choice for broadcasting, the sound escapes and could be picked up by the mic.