Digging Deeper

There are folks uncovering important truths. Dietary discoveries that can save lives or at the very least improve quality of life.

Take Dr. Robert Lustig for example. The man has done great work exposing sugar for the evil that it is. I've linked to his videos many times in the past. It's all well documented and been seen by millions of people.

But Robert Lustig is way off the mark and pursuing a course of action that harms us all!

Taxation! Food Taxation. You can be brilliant in one area and a complete idiot and menace to society in another. 

That's the bitter truth.


Here's a blog post by one of my favorites Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt:

The Toxic Truth About Sugar

Time for a political intervention?

I recommend the three page article, it’s well worth reading. But you should avoid it if you get allergic symptoms from talk about taxation on food. Lustig argues that we need to use the same tools against sugar as the ones we use against tobacco and alcohol.

 Here Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt was referrring to this piece written by Robert Lustig, what a menace.

Dr. Lustig- what a bitter disappointment.