Still Alive

My show is still available on cached servers/podcatchers like Stitcher.

Stitcher is currently offering a promo/chance to win a $100 Cash Card. Not bad.

Sign up for Stitcher and my show get's $1. Yes $1. Not only that, but the instructions are a bit odd, you have to tell Stitcher where you heard about the app, while installing/registering the app, and it has to be the correct code. I dunno, but my show is there! And that's nice. And this (I believe) is the code:  DocFermento

Here's the web link:

The process is so Non-Intuitive they've created instructions! A damn iPhone doesn't even come with instructions, you just turn it on and go, well, look, anyway,  here are the instructions:

Steps To Install Stitcher

Let me know what you discover after clicking around with this nonsense.