Hey folks, if you're looking for the new RSS feed for my show (Doc Fermento Discovers The World) it's here:


Question is- What to do with an RSS feed? Depends really. If you're on an iPhone try clicking the link and see what happens, on my phone the Podcasts app opens up and asks me if I want to subscribe to the show, heck yes I do.

What happens on your iPhone?

If you use some other podcatcher, throw the link in there and see what happens. It's still a bit wonky and not working quite the way I'd like it too. Hang in there with me.

If you're actually using a computer, I wonder how you might use the link? I have some ideas, let me know what works for your RSS feeds.

Here's one suggestion if you are on a computer and using iTunes:

Copy this link: http://askbryan.com/thepodcast/rss.xml > Open iTunes > Click 'Advanced' in the menu bar > Click 'Subscribe to podcast' > Paste in the link you copied.  Let me know how this works for you.



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