You want to eliminate the risk factors of heart disease?

Don't read this book- Heart 411

Don't read this book because it is written by veteran heart surgeons from the world's most prestigious heart hospital- The Cleveland Clinic.

I'm obviously out of my fucking mind, right?  

Well, on page 91 of the book they claim the Mediterranean Diet is the best heart diet and for these reasons: 

rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain products, fish and olive oil

I wonder what 'whole grain products' they are referring to. I may never know, I don't have a copy of the book. I wouldn't waste a penny or another minute on this book.

Whole grain products cannot strengthen the heart. By what mechanism do these whole grain products improve heart health. I say they are all full of shit! That's my professional opinion. 


Edit: Here's the opinion of Dr. William Davis:

Low-carb diets, especially if wheat-free, dramatically reduce the factors leading to heart disease; low-fat diets worsen the factors leading to heart disease.