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Happy Birthday Thomas Paine!

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“After I had made myself master of the use of the globes, and of the orrery, and conceived an idea of the infinity of space, and of the eternal divisibility of matter, and obtained, at least, a general knowledge of what was called natural philosophy, I began to compare, or confront, the internal evidence those things afford with the Christian system of faith.”


When the Revolutionary War broke out, “Shouldering a musket, Paine joined the rank and file, and won reputation as a brave soldier.” But he made an even bigger contribution to the American Revolution when, in its darkest hours, he wrote The Crisis.


Thomas Paine’s writings were so successful and vitally important to the success of the American Revolution, John Adams wrote, “Without the pen of Paine, the sword of Washington would have been wielded in vain.”


The following is a list of major accomplishments of Thomas Paine taken largely from Life and Writings of Thomas Paine.

1. He was the first to advocate the end of slavery.
2. He was the first to say “the American nation,” and “the Free and Independent States of America.”
3. He was the first to propose constitutional government for the United States.
4. He was first to form a plan of international arbitration.
5. He was a pioneer in national and international copyright.
6. He was a pioneer in the fight for equal rights for women.

There are 6 more entries on this list, go read the full article.

What a life! A hard fought struggle indeed.