Differing Approaches

Twitter, Blogging, Podcasting: Games with many ways to play:

Take Simon Sinek and his use of Twitter. He uses Twitter as a broadcast billboard service to his multitude of followers. He does not interact on Twitter. I believe his position is based on the idea that communicating with random twitter followers conveys a false sense of community and or friendship. If I'm wrong he's welcome to set me straight. 

There's the Gary Vaynerchuk approach to Twitter. He makes very personal and open tweets, even picture of his kids. He asks questions on Twitter. He interacts. He sets aside time to chat with followers. Quick snippets. Little bits of wisdom and in my opinion a nice pick me up for the rest of us. Ya know, ten seconds with a guru and tons of fun stuff to digest.

Then there's this. Ah, this. I must tread lightly here. Let's start. So, you make an appearance on a show, do you promote your appearance? Or does your appearance promote you? Ideally, both- right? Here's the strangest behavior I have discovered that folks do: They promote the appearances that are bigger than their organic/natural audience and do not promote appearances on shows that are smaller than their existing audience. Quite ridiculous behavior. These people are only talking to their existing audience anyway, why only hyper promote the larger show and forsake the lesser known show? You following me here?

Here's a personal example: Someone appears on my show. They mention it once in a Tweet, A single Tweet is a yawn, it's gone, meaningless. Now if that same person had spent even5 minutes on a national brainless morning news show or some utterly awful late night show you can bet your ass they would promote that shit front and center on every space of social networking they have reach, audio clips, video clips- all surrounded by asterisks** and exclamations!! You see, folks love to tell you how important they are by their apparent socio-economic impact (think Q score). The bigger the show, the bigger they promo. When just the opposite behavior would better serve everyone. How can I say this? Because a small show (one with listeners) will have an organic, caring, active, engaged audience listening for a reason! Small, powerful stuff! Big is loose and shitty. Ever hear Steve Martin tell about how many times he was on the Tonight Show and how little it did for his career (he says it did Nothing for his career)? Quite interesting. 

Imagine a band gets invited to perform at The Super Bowl- They would call every single person they ever knew to to tell them to tune in. Why? It's look at me- I'm famous now bitch! If they appeared on an unknown local show and made a great performance, they would tell barely a soul.  

Let's look at guests I've had in the past- Some folks promote the hell out of the fact they were on my show. Others, total silence. So what the hell is my point? Do I need someone to love me forever because we talked once? And to tell the whole world all about me and my show? No. Hell no. I would expect a natural reciprocal promotion. 

Look, when one of these folks shows up on Lettermen be sure to see the full page overblown hype on their website letting you all know!

Who knows, maybe some folks thought the show sucked, I sucked or they sucked. Whatever, they should let folks know about the effort.

Do you think I'm trashing my show guests? If so, you're wrong. I'm looking back at links and mentions as a way for me to determine where my traffic comes from, the feedback and all the rest- and believe me, you always notice when you come across someone talking about you. Do you think I fear losing future guests by posting this? No. Should a guest feel obligated to promote their appearance on my show? Shit, of course they should! That's the point, raise awareness, share and be heard. It's an audio production, must be heard to have any useful function.

If you ever have read anything I've ever written I always make an external link to every name, product, service I mention. (understand, I mean that I make a good god damn effort to do so)

For this article- No links, barely any mentions. Isn't it flat? 

So here's my ridiculous/simplistic Take Away.

Respect the small committed community. 

Accept and honor the fact you may have 'fans'.

Talk with your people, not at them.

Be cool, fool.