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Having now slept a full night and being pain free (courtesy of meds). I would like to report what happened and tell my tale.

My 'strep' throat infection really crushed me. Went to the ER about 4PM. Last place on Earth I would choose to go.

ER was packed. Evaluation/Triage, said I would have to wait quite a long time to get a room, which was required for treatment. I said: OK. At this point I couldn't really talk, one, 2 words, I could just barely eek out. The triage nurse then did something interesting. She said: You know what, you really can't swallow can you? hang tight, I'll get you in there but you might have to just sit in the hallway. I said: OK.

She explained to me that those 'screaming' people causing much commotion in the waiting room were in interview reporting pain levels of '10' on a scale of 1-10, but she could not determine what or where this pain was. I reported overall pain in my neck and throat (5), when swallowing (7+). She said it was her opinion there was nothing that could be done in the ER for those other patients, they were regulars that needed different specialized care, had been referred elsewhere, and helped in the ER previously. So she managed to get me a bed in the hallway, right by the big double door. My guess is she assumed I wouldn't raise all holy hell and kick and scream at the world in the middle of their workplace/battleground.  

I'm no angel- I silently complained via Twitter. 

So they drew blood, 6 vials. Why six? I have no idea, seems like they could have tested every damn thing with that much, but I wouldn't know, I don't work in a lab. Started me on IV- Hydrate, Anti-Biotic, Steroid, Pain Med (nurse told me the name, never heard of it, can't remember).

I did ask why they started anti-biotics before the tests came back? Could have been viral, so why start the anti-biotic drip? Took awhile for the Resident to get back to me- explanation, it was his belief after interviewing me and peeking under the hood (my words) he determined I was suffering a bacterial infection of the Pharynx (Pharangytis) and that anti-biotics were the proper treatment. I agreed. I didn't have a 'cold', this would be viral- no cough, no congestion, no common cold symptom- no virus.

I'm no fan of anti-biotics, I'm a recent convert in this regard. What I've discovered these past few years has revealed to me quite a bit about the damage anti-biotic abuse has caused- from the CAFO meat we eat, to the overprescribed humans. But I understand their role and importance. They can save your damn life, efficiently. 

ah, almost forgot this tip -Let me remind you- Grandma was right, wear clean underwear- if required to disrobe in the hallway get it done with clean pride! 

I believe I'm a super responder to pain medication. I used to get debilitating 'migraines' (I quote migraines, because they were never diagnosed by a medical pro, just my opinion) and plain aspirin would wipe it out in under an hour. I've know people for which no amount of OTC pain meds. help their pain, whatever it may be.

Things got better for me on the quick. I felt mended within minutes. That's the problem for me, as soon as the pain subsided, I felt the need to rip out the IV's and walk out the door. But I did not, I sat there and took my medicine, it was after all what I came for, medicine I could not get at home or off the shelf. 

I felt I received quality health care (sick care, ER care) and I'm pleased to report that.

Couple additional notes: I told my nurse I was disappointed to have to take the anti-biotics because I have been on a 3 year crusade healing my badly broken gut with natural pro-biotic homemade foods, she just nodded and smiled (confused/ignorance, was the expression at the tip of her grin). She told me she was sorry about that. So she was pleasant but not intrigued. Look, she had work to do, I understand.

An admin that checks on visitors talked to my wife and 3 kids in the waiting room, asked if they needed anything. She offered crackers, cookies, some other junk. My wife said no thanks and that they were all grain-free. Admin then said ya know, I also came over here to ask how your children manage to be so well behaved. (perhaps this is unusual behavior in an ER) My wife says she explained that the kids were well behaved because, their blood sugar wasn't falling off a cliff, they were not hungry, and they were basically performing completely as intended. Playing, crawling, sitting, standing, whatever. No nervous fidgeting, or whining or seeking undo attention. The admin she had never heard of grain-free and had some questions... Very very cool! Hope she keeps seeking.

My doctor asked me why had I taken D3 the morning of my sore throat? I told him 1- it was morning, 2- it's the dead of winter, 3- we're far north of the earth's horizon and 4- I had some on the shelf. He shrugged, shook his head. Good thing we didn't dive too deep into my morning coffee, butter and coconut oil. 

I'll tell you this, I had my Bulletproof/Optimal coffee in the AM. and a bit of coconut oil. We got home from the ER at 7:00 PM and I had no issues with hunger, no nausea from the meds, just normal and 'healing'.

Here's to healing. I've got to now breakdown all the bacteria (good and bad) and reboot. Perhaps I'll report as I go, just how I approach this.

And to end, without summary- I tell these personal/family stories and anecdotes for a specific reason. I do not think we are better than You or anyone else. We are better than we were! And that's the story. What changed, how we continue to change, what we discover and how we perform going forward.