Sacharin Serendipity

Folks this blog does not exist to chronicle my health journey but I must make a note here.

This strep throat, or tonsilitis, or whatever I have is really quite awful.

I can speak, if I have to, but I don't, so I won't. I had this once that I can remember it's just now coming back to me- 7th grade and I landed in the hospital with tonsils that swelled until my throat closed. One of those cases where they bring every Dr., nurse and student in the hospital in to my room to have a peek. My tonsils remained quite large after this (they never removed them) I was told this was scar tissue and they would remain this way. I've had a look back there into my mouth, it looks like a swollen mess with afew cute white spots, or maybe that's saliva, I dunno. We'll never really know. This goes away or I drop dead I guess. One happens eventually. Point being, my tonsils are huge, but I have no idea if they are larger than they were before this foulness came upon me.

Strangest thing too, this happened the day after I read Seth Robert's piece on Tosillectomy.

Seth is scheduled to be one of the next guests on my show. Go check out his blog while you wait for me to speak again.

Quite sumpremely strange indeed.