Here's a list of my other appearances throughout the years. Some of the links will eventually fade into oblivian, let me know if you find a non-working link. 

Jimmy Moore had me on Espisode 31 of his Low Carb Conversations Show. Not exactly my finest hour but I sure do appreciate the good company. Thanks Jimmy! 

Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast and I discuss The Ancients, the ferment, Paleo lifestyle and all the rest. Was a great time to be sure. Check it out and let me know what you think.

@justhankg and I wrapped an awesome chat! Now available! The  Journey Podcast #40. Hank’s one of the good guys.

Hear the wonderful conversationalist Chris of The Peche, and my attempt to keep up, here: BHF11PP Ep. 3 - AskBryan (by the way I have posted a sincere apology for screwing up my definition of the Paleo Diet, I blame irrational exuberance)

I’m awaiting the release of a great chat I had with @waxingnatalie from Back Yard Ecosystem